Friday, May 12, 2017

Versatile Closet

        Hey everyone, welcome back to Virtual style!!! Your virtual stylist T'Neil here with a continuation of our flexible wardrobe series. Today we're going to talk about some fundamental tops that will help you on your way to your very own Versatile closet.

         1. Blouse/Button Down - These tops can help your outfit look a little more put together when worn alone, or layered over more casual shirts. Having these in neutral tones as well as deeper darker tones is a good step towards building a flexible wardrobe.

          2. Sweaters - pullovers, and cardigans, both, can be worn in a casual way, or when layered or accessorized create a more classy formal look. But when it comes to sweaters it's good to remember that size also maters. A properly oversized sweater can add a deep sensuality to your look, however one that is too big can make you look plain, and frumpy. These tops are best worn in neutral tones, but this also depends on your personal style.

          3. Casual Tops - These are my personal favorite, as they can be worn in so many different looks. When paired with the right shoes, and accessories a casual outfit can be totally glam. Now, it is important to remember that casual includes a very wide variety of tops. Included in this are t-shirts (short and long sleeve), tank tops, camisoles, crop tops, and more. Also, these tops being so affordable, it is wise to purchase a wide variety of styles, and colors, in doing so ,with only a few bottoms, you can create what would seem like an endless supply of stylish looks.  

           Ending this chapter of Versatile Closet, this is your virtual stylist T'Neil saying thanks for checking in with us, and remember unique beauty is flawless and so are you!!

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